I wish you a lifetime full of honeymoon stages and all the strength in the world to maintain your sweetness in between.

for sale.

you are now a brand

and even your inner thoughts

are crafted just so.

"oh so deep" moments

created just for reblogs

ring ever hollow.

you’re not the person

you’ve fashioned yourself to be

just for glory’s sake.

a facade, a farce

a phantom of who you are,

shell of a lost soul.

and what happens when

your time in sun passes

and you’re left with you?


I hoped that when my love

for you was only a memory,

my joy in your presence would

still remain.


Alas, as you are now,

you occupy space that

still leave me empty,

void, where I used to filled.


While I am on this school hiatus, I plan to get my body into the best shape possible.

Next week, I’m starting a two week juice fast. Juicing ALL the things and consuming only juice, water, and hot tea (unsweetened). 

While I implement the juice fast, I will also be planning my exercise regimen. I refuse to allow myself any excuse not to work out at least twice daily, and this sedentary lifestyle I developed must cease immediately.

My sleep schedule will simultaneously be reformed. This is the last of my days of staying up until 3am, 4am watching Netflix and doing mindless things. I have to get rest so that I can be up early to work out and then learn and retain the skills I’ll be teaching myself over the coming weeks.

Sax—A Brunch that Satisfies All Appetites

Smoking hot.

That is the best way to describe a Sunday Fever brunch at Sax. Burlesque shows while you brunch? The person who thought of this combination was genius. My friend/twinsle Chanel is in town this week for Spring Break and so we, along with our friend Joslyn, decided to try out Sax for brunch. I know someone who had a bachelorette party there and she really enjoyed it, so I was looking…

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It’s amazing how the 

people around you can 

watch you slip away

and not even realize that

you are leaving them.

While we are all so 

caught up in our own lives,

we miss the incredible pain

that those we love go through

simply because we do 

not look hard enough to see.


when your mood is unstable, the scariest thing possible is sleeping because if you’re really happy aka manic, sleeping can take that away. If you’re feeling normal and take a nap, you can wake up all depressed or pissed off. It’s like sleep gives your body a chance to…


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an openly queer actor has never won an oscar

only once has an openly queer actor been nominated for an oscar

however, 22 straight actors have received oscar nominations for playing queer…

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alustforlifeandshit asked: I love your blog. Just stalked you! You're adorable!!

Thank you! :)

You got me up all night

and all that’s on my mind

is how I can’t wait to feel 

your touch and I can’t 

wait to see how you taste

and I can’t wait to hear 

you breathing my name 

in my ear as I drive you insane.